Our History

The foundation for Pleis Farms was laid in 1935 when Tom Pleis moved his family from Allison, IA to Fairbank, IA.  Emerging from the great depression with his machinery and livestock with no land.  He was able to purchase 240 acres in rural Fairbank.

Tom finished raising his family and then his sons Thomas Carl and Jacob took the farm over.

Thomas and Jacob farmed until Jacob’s son Duane took over Thomas’s side of the operation in 1980.    Thomas continued to assist as Duane’s children moved into helping with the operation.

Together they raised corn, beans, oats, clover hay, cow/calf beef, hogs, and dairy cattle.  Duane’s children Mark and Tracy took particular interest in the dairy side showing cattle and diving into improving the herd generics.

Due to changes in the Grade A requirements, Tracy getting married, Mark attending college and Jacob retiring the dairy side of the operation was shuttered in 1993.  Duane and Mark continued row crop farming until 1999 when Jacob passed away and Mark moved to Jefferson, IA while his wife attended Veterinary school in Ames. Mark started doing some small-scale farming near Jefferson with a friend for a few years.

Following a career in information technology moved his family to Plainville, GA.  Mark worked in information technology and opened a restaurant in Rome, GA.  Mark and his wife sold the restaurant and moved back to Iowa in 2008 continuing to follow their careers.

Fast forward to 2020.

During this time Mark had been working on various spice combinations and sauces including some that won awards at the Iowa State Fair.  After making spice rubs and sauce for friends and relatives in the kitchen and giving them away the decision was made to move them into the commercial world.   Pleis Farms rides again.  The decision was easy on what the new endeavor was to be called. Our products have its roots in farming and agriculture.  We want to use quality products that are sustainability produced and packaged without chemicals or additives.  As a company we want to follow what Jacob was known for and that is to give back to the community.  We plan to continue this as we move forward.

The first SKU was Farm Boy Rub was released in March of 2021.